Venod Sharma – Purpose to Inaugurate Lokseva Offices in Haryana

Venod Sharma Official

Since last two months Venod Sharma is busy opening the offices of Lok Seva Panchayat in various parts Haryana. Going by the number of people and Venod Sharma’s supporters who join Venod Sharma for the inauguration of Lok Seva Panchayat offices, one can say that, Venod Sharma is a man of masses. The large number of followers who follow Venod Sharma proves that he has the power to inspire people.

Venod Sharma

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Today Haryana is standing at cross roads. Whatever decision, the people of Haryana will take in the coming elections will have a direct bearing on the future of Haryana. The choice is between a bright future for the next generation of Haryana or maintaining the status quo, where nothing changes.

Venod Sharma – Lok Seva Panchayat Offices

The purpose of opening Lok Seva Panchayat offices is to provide a platform to the weaker sections of the society to raise their voice. The ruling party of Haryana has become arrogant and the constant faith which people have shown in them has been taken for granted by the ruling elite. The time has come for the people to discontinue their support to that party which has no concern for its problems.

Venod Sharma Politician

In a democracy, the ultimate power lies with people and when they elect their rulers, they are just delegating those powers. Venod Sharma’s Lok Seva Panchayat will ensure that those who walks into it’s office with grievances will get every possible help from the volunteers of Lok Seva Pancahayat for the redress of their grievances.

Venod Sharma Politician

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In few months from now, the opportunity of electing its representative will be with the people and this time any wrong decision will put Haryana back by several decades. Lok Seva Panchayat of Venod Sharma is a movement that has already started and in the coming days it will further gain momentum.

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