Venod Sharma Politician : Jan Chetna Party Haryana – Lok Seva Panchayat Office

Venod Sharma Politician

Few months back Former Union Minister Venod Sharma left Congress party. He found that the Congress leadership had become arrogant and was not bothered about the people on the ground. He extensively travelled across the state and found a lot of anger and desperation among citizens. People were fed up with the current lot of politicians and their acts. They had lost faith from the political system. People were looking for a new face on which they could trust. While interacting with people on the ground, Venod realized that he cannot leave Haryana in such a condition and thus he decided to form a political front which could satisfy the aspirations of Haryana citizens.

Jan Chetna Party Haryana

On 22 June 2014, Venod announced the launch of his political outfit – Jan Chetna Party. The party would be headquartered in Ambala. The party plans to contest all the 90 assembly constituencies of that state. However, Venod Sharma is open for seat understanding with like minded people and parties.  Jan Chetna Party plans to make a general house of 101 workers in each assembly segment. An executive committee of 11 people will be created out of this general house. The state executive will be formed by out of this executive committee. As of now, general house meeting of 45 assembly constituency has been done. In the coming few days, eleven member committee of 66 assembly constituencies will be formed. Venod Sharma will be touring all the 90 assembly constituencies in July to launch massive voter connection drive.

Venod Sharma plans to raise issue of illegitimate interview process in Haryana govt. jobs. He plans to launch a massive agitation and take the matter in public’s court. He warned the government that instead of focusing only on few districts they should work for all districts. Due to the neglect of the state govt., erstwhile industrial townships like faridabad, Ambala, Panipat are now lying far behind as compared to Gurgaon and Rohtak.

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma wants to work for the welfare of the society and that is the sole intent behind the launch of the party. He wishes to change the politics of the state and wants to overhaul the political system. He is getting a very positive response in all his meetings and interactions. Venod is very positive and upbeat of his latest initiative.

Lok Seva Panchayat Office

Lok Seva Panchayat Office in Haryana inauguration by former union minister Venod Sharma for the purpose of helping Haryana working class people closely.

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