Venod Sharma Fighting for Industrialization to Create Private Job Opportunities

Venod Sharma – Haryana

Industrialization promotes economic prosperity. A nation can only grow when it has a right mix of Industrial and agricultural activities. Haryana is a state which has a robust agricultural sector and therefore it is important that the state should have a strong presence of agricultural Industries.

Venod Sharma

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A state which has a strong industrial base will not only have a high GDP (Gross domestic product) but a high per capita income as well. Today there is a competition among all the major states of the country to attract investments and it is important that any state, who wants to attract investment, should have a favorable industrial policy. If there are not enough incentives for an Industry then there are chances that industrialist will give a skip to such states.

Haryana Development – Education, Jobs

Haryana has a very robust agriculture sector and Venod Sharma has always emphasized to give importance to agro industries which can prove to be a game changer. Generally there prevails a misconception that one must choose between agriculture and Industry.

Venod Sharma Haryana Development

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But Venod Sharma does not believe in any such concept. He is of the view that Haryana is an important state in terms of agriculture and if the state establishes a good amount of agro industries, then the agro products of Haryana will rule the world market.

Venod Sharma – Haryana Politician

Venod Sharma is a staunch advocate of Industrialization and wants to see Haryana as the number one state in terms of Industries. He wants that the GDP of Haryana to be the highest in the country and the goods and products from Haryana should reach every nook and corner of the world.

How seriously Venod Sharma views industries can be gauged from the fact that when he was the part of Haryana Government, he made tremendous efforts to get an Industrial Model township approved for Ambala. Though due to the political considerations the project got scrapped is another story, but this incident shows that Venod Sharma understands the importance of Industrialization and has always been working for the industrial growth of Haryana.

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Venod Sharma – Purpose to Inaugurate Lokseva Offices in Haryana

Venod Sharma Official

Since last two months Venod Sharma is busy opening the offices of Lok Seva Panchayat in various parts Haryana. Going by the number of people and Venod Sharma’s supporters who join Venod Sharma for the inauguration of Lok Seva Panchayat offices, one can say that, Venod Sharma is a man of masses. The large number of followers who follow Venod Sharma proves that he has the power to inspire people.

Venod Sharma

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Today Haryana is standing at cross roads. Whatever decision, the people of Haryana will take in the coming elections will have a direct bearing on the future of Haryana. The choice is between a bright future for the next generation of Haryana or maintaining the status quo, where nothing changes.

Venod Sharma – Lok Seva Panchayat Offices

The purpose of opening Lok Seva Panchayat offices is to provide a platform to the weaker sections of the society to raise their voice. The ruling party of Haryana has become arrogant and the constant faith which people have shown in them has been taken for granted by the ruling elite. The time has come for the people to discontinue their support to that party which has no concern for its problems.

Venod Sharma Politician

In a democracy, the ultimate power lies with people and when they elect their rulers, they are just delegating those powers. Venod Sharma’s Lok Seva Panchayat will ensure that those who walks into it’s office with grievances will get every possible help from the volunteers of Lok Seva Pancahayat for the redress of their grievances.

Venod Sharma Politician

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In few months from now, the opportunity of electing its representative will be with the people and this time any wrong decision will put Haryana back by several decades. Lok Seva Panchayat of Venod Sharma is a movement that has already started and in the coming days it will further gain momentum.

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Venod Sharma – The Best Politician From Haryana

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma belongs from Doraha, Ludhiana in Punjab, born on 10Th January 1948. His father name is Pandit Kedar Nath Sharma. After graduate from Chandigarh, He involved with social cause of woman empowerment. Venod Sharma married with Smt. Shakti Rani Sharma, currently he has three children, in which one is daughter and two sons. Mr. Sharma started our carrier in politics in 1978, and get post of General Secretary who special invited by Indian National Congress committee. In 2005 Venod Sharma won with massive votes from Ambala seat, more than 32000 Votes after that in 2009 won with 35,000 votes. His family involved in many NGO activities such as blood donation, Eye check-ups in Ambala region, etc .

Venod Sharma

Venod Sharma :

Venod Sharma Politician

Venod Sharma is an Indian futurist true politician when he was union minister of Haryana that time he well worked for Haryana Development, Mr. Sharma has won many times and he has been MLA from Haryana two times and one time from Punjab. Sharma ji also has been member of parliament from Rajya Sabha .

Venod Sharma Reigned from Indian National Congress on 5th March 2014 to take wrong decision and also left our MLA post from Ambala. Recently he has opened many lokseva panchayat offices in Haryana districts to serve Haryana people and solve issues of Haryana. Venod Sharma has broad thinking about Haryana Development he wants to see no. 1 state in india.

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